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Reviews for "Badass Dora!"

hey man this is cool!

i think this would be a great and popular series if you decided to do it, just make it longer like 4 minute shorts would be great man!
i would totally watch it if you did it.

pretty funny...

Just had so much more potential...

Not bad at all

I don't like or dislike Dora the explorer myself, but I thought this was an interesting, fast paced and insane anime lookalike of Dora. I liked the original ideas and creativity that went into this. Seven out of ten stars. Good job!

It finally happened

Someone finally conjured up the idea to mock Dora the dumass. Thanks and props for the cartoon. I thought it could have been a little longer, but it still was very good.

XD freakin' funny lolz

pretty freakin awesome, though you shoulda made it longer.
I lmao'd when she was all like "straight to the bedroom" XD
freakin' epic lolz