Reviews for "NG-Radio 3.0"


Great things could be better:

1. look at NGAP Radio - learn from it!
a) i want to rewind/forward (click in scale would be great)
b) i want 2 download directly (Button)
c) i want a link 2 the reviews/profile/songlist site of current played song/artist not a directlink 2 current played song (will double)
d) i want 2 build favourites - so i want an option 2 play only my favourites

2. Your Idea with selection of Channels is great!
a) give us an option 2 use all channels 4 total random play.

3. DJ Function / background stream
a) why not downloading a new song in background, after first song already is played?
b) implent a DJ Function 4 fading/crossfading from 1 song into background loaded song

4. Visiuals
a) get rid off them until player is perfect, cause the visiuals r bad programmed, sorry

5. Score / Popular Rank
a) i want an option which let me here first the high rated songs 2..

more 2 come - my english is bad - sorry!

@DJ-Divinorum: U R A BushCockSucker don't U ? Radiogrounds is something totally different compared 2 this Flashplayer U ignorant infant!

Du bist wahrscheinlich ein ziemlicher Versager, daher sei Dir dennoch verziehen - armes Ding ;)


A nice step upwards from the very first version, good features added, nice simple layout and lots of music init as well. Why the skip of version 2 though? Must've been a big change between those version numbers as well, keep it up!


iceViperDW responds:

V1 was done via Ajax and HTML, very old.
V2 was the first one that was Flash, and submitable to Newgrounds!
Hence, this is V3! :P


Pretty damn awesome. I loved everything, it's a brilliant idea.
My only issue is that it has a damn long load time when you change channels, but I suppose that's unavoidable with the way this works.
Still, bloody excellent.

Really good, but. . .

Is there a reason why the entire mp3 file has to be loaded before playing? If you have a direct link to the file, you can stream it with flash.net.NetStream, with your flash.net.NetConnection initialized with a null value.

iceViperDW responds:

That's an issue with FireFox. Try it in IE, and it streams perfectly. If someone can convince Tom Fulp to put a Crossdomain.xml on audio.newgrounds.com, FireFox would work.


- Option to view no visualizations at all because it seems to add to lag quite a bit.
- If possible, load the next song while the current song is playing so that the next song will play instantly.

I'm not exactly sure what signing up does. It gives me my own channel, what does that mean? Does it mean it will play my favourites or will it play stations that I selected (trance, techno, etc.)? If the latter, how can I do this?

Otherwise, this is an excellent flash. I've always wanted a radio station that played good music. :D