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Reviews for "Why I Love You"

too sensitive

What a snorefest. there is no way this is the kind of stuff people come on here to watch.


omg that was not bad. i love how the sun came and went. cool

like it

it seems like writen under influence, some words and music full of passion. I ordinary don't like diffirend text and music and this kind of simple animation. But in this time i like it! keep doing nice stuff


It's not exactly newgrounds material... it seems more like something you'd put on writing.com or deviant art... Nice little animation, and beautiful poem but It just doesn't seem to fit here... BTW at sunset the sky should turn more orange shouldn't it?

Zingking responds:

I was going to do that, with the whole sky turning orage, and it would've probably looked cool, but after all the extending of the animation so that the text could be read well, it just seemed not worth it.


NIce.. i love it :3