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Reviews for "Why I Love You"

That Was Beautiful

Keep up the good work considering this was made in only 1 day!


I didn't like the 'poem' because it wasn't a poem at all... It was both freeform and lacked imagery. This was more like a personal letter than a poem.

Poetry needs, firstly, to paint a picture with words and touch hidden layers of the subconscious. It secondly needs to mirror the message with the meter. Rhythm and rhyme aren't arbitrary - when used properly they set the tone for your poetry and push the depth of your message further.

If you want to write poetry instead of floury prose, you need to learn how.

Good Job

I liked the script and I thought the background animation was a nice touch. I also like your choice of music. These types of flashes aren't my cup of tea but I enjoyed this one.

This made me sad T.T .....

it made me think of my first love but he after 1 year and 4 months he left me for another but the flash was good I'll tell you that much

good music, good visual lay out, avg script

yes yes, love is a wonderfull thing etc etc,.. but the rateing for this video shouldnt be based on your rateing for love,..
It was alright,.. nice theme,.. could have improved the script some,.. i understand why you didnt add much more movement,., because it would have distracted from the text.. and using voices instead would have made the message get lost, by having people read it themselves,.. lets them take it in, and take it to heart easier.
thus, my 7/10 rating,.. and no, im not heartless or dead,.. like the reviews bellow say i should be for not giving it top rating,..