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Reviews for "Why I Love You"

lol, 9 Crimes, is about unfaithfullness, it's a beautiful song but it transmits the wrong message xD
I suppose you did this as a gift, not looking forward to be rated or anything ... so yeah ill give you two stars


Song was by 9 crimes..Do put more effort into an animation, that's the least you could do. I'm sure you put your heart into your relationship, but I cannot say the same for the flash.

That was pleasant

I'm definitley used to seeing flashes that have a lot more action or people being present. I am still not used to this technique, but at least you put a really nice song. Extra points if you managed to make up that whole song. The colors were done pretty well, but it would have been more watchable if there had been people moving and doing things. What really matters about this is the heart put into it, and it looks as though your heart was in the right place. Congradulations on your high rating!

Far out man.

That was really good. It really was. Far out.

Oh my word, I loved it.

It explained everything about my boyfriend and I, thank you so much for making/uploading this. It means a lot. Keep up the good work! ^-^ - Joy

Zingking responds:

I'm glad you liked it, and really glad to see ppl are still watching it, I think i might make another one.