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Reviews for "Clinically Obese SMB"

If your hideous boredom ever strikes again...

i think that mario should be able to shoot out his tongue in order to eat everything in his path. also, there should be a level where you ride a rascal scooter. Just my opinion, but it would up the challenge a little bit, to quiet down all of the nay-sayers. Still, good game. Was worth my three minutes. I lol'd gently.


'I hate making title screens' haha. pointless but funny.




how do you kill bowser anyway graet game loved the koopas


Thats hilarious! Especially when you go over the holes and the feat dangle. There are a few minor glitches on my second play through but nothing to worry about. And don't worry about making fun of fat people I know people who are fat that think this is funny.