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Reviews for "Clinically Obese SMB"


This game is awesomely funny, I lold.
Artword was really funny, and I loved the way his legs dangle over the gaps.

Found a bug, if you complete the game (2 levels) and then complete the first level again it will go back to the title screen and play the level 2 music.

Nothing major but something that you can consider if you make anything else.

hardy har har XD

ah if you replay you fall down at the begnining of the second lvl i loled at mcdonalds :D

I admit it

The idea of a game with a morbidly obese Mario crushing things with his fast is a pretty funny idea.


very funny game but there is a glitch i got 2 the bowser part and i fell right under

The reason why this was made was bordeom. Maybe that's how Mozart's talent came to be. Or whatever. Stupid but funny.