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Reviews for "Clinically Obese SMB"

Put a smile on my face

Cute and funny "game" ^.^


I wonder how many people are blamming this, because they're over-weight/obese/morbidly obese individuals and this game just reminds them that they're a lard ass that will never get laid. I'm just saying, reviews are subjective, and the most adamant opponents of something are usually former or current violaters of what's being protested (EG: the biggest protester of prostitution is the reformed prostitute. The biggest protester of Tom Lykus' thoughts about treating women like crap to get them to like you ... are girls who were treated like crap and screwed a guy in the hopes that he would like them. The biggest protesters of people holding off getting married until they're 40's are folks who were married in their early 20's and are currently unhappy in their marriage.) People have a double-standard as such. You read into this game what you want to read into it.

Personally, I found this to be an interesting reminder that while playing video games can be fun, they don't qualify as exercise. If your video game character represented how you look in real life, folks may be more motivated to put down the game controller (and pizza) and go outside to play or get some exercise more.

100 out of a hundred lol

My favorite part was when you go across gaps and his useless legs hang down, awesome.

This kept me laughing

The most retarded. pointless, and demeaning game to all obese people. But us skinny dudes got a kick out of it.

I played it a few times and it still made me do the lolz

enough with the faggots writing down complicated

reviews it was funny it was enjoyable dont let all these nerdy douchebags tell you other wise while there jerking off to hentia and wishing they could touch boobs i thought this flash was funny shit good job