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Reviews for "Clinically Obese SMB"

his big ass broke the bridge.

funny stuff

lol it was halarious but short and offending

it was cool

Is it possible to beat the second level?

Or is it just a glitch? I die every time. But anyway, its really funny. :D If it does stop at the second level, next time make more levels. I want to play more of this game. Lol.

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K look, every1 says this is awesome but i dont c it, it really losts its luster, Marios fat, I get it, but it just died. I only smiled when his feet came out at the gap, the rest was just protictable.
How To Improve:
To be honest? just dont, this game doesn't have any potential left it was a joke, entertaining, but u couldnt redo it
Replay Value:0/10

Why is this on the front page?

Its not fun and not that funny. If It was a movie, it would be better but this is a game. I'd usually expect some kind of actual Fun or difficulty in it. the only good part is the fact that mcdonalds is the castle which is funny but this game just sucks