Reviews for "If You Were Gay, Roy"


Freaking awesome dude, i cant stop waatching this! so funny.
My bro alwas calls e gay, and i sung him this song, he got QUITE annoyed!!!


That was hilarious, fun and cute. Flowed past real smooth :L

Every1 knows Roy is gay. :)

Funny as hell...

I like the kind of humor you use,.... Also I like the Chibi style of drawing... (the "real" manga ones aren't that good...sorry)

omg! best movie ever!

actually, i only realised that when marth says: "No you're not in , but i miss u" he was talking about brawl when i watched this movie the 11 time! XD

Nami-Tsuki responds:

He's not alone, we all miss Roy~


This is comedy at its finest, 10/10 5/5. And btw, its okay if your gay ;)