Reviews for "If You Were Gay, Roy"

YOU...have no idea how much I love Avenue. Q

This is one of the FEW flashes here on Newgrounds that uses their broadway music.

And I applaud you for it!

Make one about the Porn Song using maybe Bowser and Peach.
(just a suggestion)

I'm seeing a new trend here.
All SSBB characters singing Broadway.

Keep up the Good work.

haha avenue q

haha nice animation kinda...yea and avenue q rocks :D


I didn't expect it to be a Super Smash Bros. Brawl parody really but actually it was mostly just a Marth & Roy parody and a good funny one too,it also had it's cute silly side too with the animation and the song,you did a swell job on this flash and i think it deserves a spot on the SSBB collection page.