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Reviews for "Pollution Patrol"


not really diffrent from ur last game i think u should start a diffrent project because i really dident c the diffrent apart from the little things.
i think u should of done this as an uptade not another project
well done tell me again 4 the next 1:D


Basically there is a lot to do for you:
-Make the jumps quicker, It is really hard to control yourself.
-make the game a little slower, or increase own movement speed.
-Maybe some sound effects would be nice
-Add more foes, or different kinds (I got until level 5 then I was dead already)

A lot to do, but the potential is there!
Keep positive and good luck!


I like the direction you're going in. This has potential to be a great game.
Though the controls are smooth, it seems nearly impossible to move across the level without being hit.

I love the simplicity, but...
this main character looks oddly familiar... color and everything (click my name and you'll see what I mean).

simplymuzik3 responds:

oh, I didnt mean for the character to look like yours, I got it from a youtube video :P

Not bad but not good

It needed sound
Maby add some backrounds
Have eanmys randomly change colors
Decent looking
Nice idea
Overall a nice atempt at somthing diffrent :3

This game needs more music and sound effects, more content, better graphics , and polish.