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Reviews for "Masyanya and the carrot"


This was funny XD Heheheh, I want to do the carrot thing in real life..

hell yeah


Heh, I remember this one.

Loved the original, but the accent makes about half of the words messed up.

About language issues...

A warm hello from a fellow russian newgrounder! Glad to see you here. I really liked your series about Masyanya and Bo which I was watching a long time ago, before I even learned about Flash.

However, I would suggest to use subtitles rather than re-do all of the voices in english. Judging on mine and my friend's experience, people here find it more funny) Besides, your character's voices and the way they speak makes it difficult for the foreign users to understand all of the words.

Anyway, good luck! Hopefully we'll see more of Masyanya on NG). Try uploading music videos with Masyanya as well! Most of the good quality music flash pieces are greatly appreciated here)


Masyanya responds:

I've already tried subtitles..
The problem is that characters actually talking too fast. Spectator hardly has enough time to read and understand that do they mea..
Thnx for warm welcome.

Not bad

Nice animation and nice story, but the big problem is that sometimes I can't understand what the characters saying.

Nice job anyway