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Reviews for "DragonBall CKC"


Awesome awesome awesome is there any other word for this

Oh and alex3635 how do you now Nameks dont have balls?
Did you peek in Piccolo's pants or what?
And Nameks created the draagonballs so they already have 7 (lol)

god but theres a problem

It was really funny and good but nameks don't have balls :L

oooooooooo lol

gotta hurt also thats king picalo picalos father i if u think about that and this vid lol


OUCH! thats why picollo dont have a gf......

2 things

OOOOWWW AND WWWOOOWWW!That hurt A-LOT!Piccolo willl never be the same!Dude,you have no idea of how much that was fun!I C-A-N'-T S-T-O-P LAUGHING!!!And i'ts too good that Goku beats Demon King Piccolo.You'll sure make a different thing with the normal Piccolo.I mean: 'IF you do it.'