Reviews for "Roller Coaster Junkie"

A special colorful style, great animation.

This was certainly a worthwhile video to watch. Heck no, that's an understatement. This is one of the best music videos I have seen in a long time. Even better is that you formed one around a Newgrounds Audio Portal song.

First off, the detailing of the artwork is incredible. Small details, like the detailing of the roller coaster car, the computer hard drive, the detailing of the clouds and the very accurately shaded roller coaster in the room add a very significant impact to the overall presentation. Your work with eccentric facial expressions (a particular aspect of this would be the parent bursting in) are excellently incorporated; you seem to have a unique style that I find incredible. Another particular detail that was really incredible was the climactic acceleration of the roller coaster nearing the end. Not only was the animation accurate, but the sparks flying and the gradual addition of red really gave the ending a dramatic feeling.

Even better is the fact that good artwork didn't hinder your frame by frame animation. Though a bit basic, scenes like the junkie bouncing up and down in the cart, or flying shrapnel from a roller coaster crash were all smoothly animated. The first-person view of the coast ride was very realistic; It felt like I was actually there. I also noticed the subtle changes in the gradient background that fit the middle part where the car goes off the track and bounces... An excellent usage of color.

Undeniably, this flash also possesses quite a few humorous aspects. For instance, the kid was sleeping in the coaster, as well as taking a shower and brushing his teeth and... going to the bathroom made me laugh a bit. Another example would be the sudden change from a very ornery parent's frown to an absolutely goofy, happy pulled quite a few laughs out of me.

The music was also an incredible song. It was light-hearted, and the percussive feel of the piano in the background greatly enhanced the video. On top of that, the voice that was singing was gentle and beautiful. Though the words were fast, there were absolutely no noticeable slip-ups and every word came out crystal clear. I could even say it had a sort of magical feel to it. :D

I have absolutely no complaints about the video at all. I do have a minor suggestion, maybe more of a dancing motion with the junkie waving his hands in the air in the first "see I like to ride the coaster" part would have been better, but meh, it's perfect either way.

Overall, this music video is amongst the best on newgrounds, boasting well detailed and animated scenes that suit the music video without ever being dull. The great animation combined with the beautiful music captures an innocent child's obsession with roller coaster rides perfectly.

catchy tune

oh man this song will be stuck in my head for weeks. great job on the art work too.


so funny lol.

Worth High Standards

I like your sense of humour - including the peeing gag. You certainly can keep a film moving.

Personally, that isn't my favourite drawing style, but it's still well drawn.

The music is what I have the most to say about. I like the catchy song, though I don't think that the tune was the most unique. Lyrically, I think it could have used a bit more varying words. There was a lot of the word "going" when I think there could have been some "climbing" or "rolling" or "racing". What was particularly beautiful was not only the well rounded harmony, but the mix of instruments. Hania's voice sounds good next to the piano she uses.

Honestly, I think that the feminine song would have been better matched by a toon with a girl character. The toon itself is engaging and well drawn, and does what it can to match the lyrics. The part where the kid keeps hitting the "faster" switch is particularly exciting.

Overall, it's a cute kid for a cute song, doing crazy cute kid things. The quality control is obvious, too.


I am so downloading this song, VERY CATCHY!! Loved the artwork too!