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Reviews for "Roller Coaster Junkie"

catchy tune

oh man this song will be stuck in my head for weeks. great job on the art work too.


so funny lol.

Worth High Standards

I like your sense of humour - including the peeing gag. You certainly can keep a film moving.

Personally, that isn't my favourite drawing style, but it's still well drawn.

The music is what I have the most to say about. I like the catchy song, though I don't think that the tune was the most unique. Lyrically, I think it could have used a bit more varying words. There was a lot of the word "going" when I think there could have been some "climbing" or "rolling" or "racing". What was particularly beautiful was not only the well rounded harmony, but the mix of instruments. Hania's voice sounds good next to the piano she uses.

Honestly, I think that the feminine song would have been better matched by a toon with a girl character. The toon itself is engaging and well drawn, and does what it can to match the lyrics. The part where the kid keeps hitting the "faster" switch is particularly exciting.

Overall, it's a cute kid for a cute song, doing crazy cute kid things. The quality control is obvious, too.


I am so downloading this song, VERY CATCHY!! Loved the artwork too!

loving it

simply loving it