Reviews for "Roller Coaster Junkie"


Wow. Just wow. Brilliant song, wonderful smooth animation.

Really wonderful. I loved it.


That was superb! This flash movie was MADE for this song!

Nice art style also.


Nice Animation, Nice Song, Nice Special FX ..
overall very good short


Animation/Graphics: 9/10
The graphics were top notch, absolutely amazing. Really nice, stylised characters. In terms of animation, there wasn't much of it, however, was there was was excellent. I would love to give you 10/10, but there was a tiny bit too much tweening to make it 10/10.

Storyline: 8/10
Nothing too original, as music videos are done often. However, you didn't repeat too much, which is a common mistake to make in music videos. Also, you didn't stick entirely to the song, which I liked, yu added your own little visual gags too :)

Audio: 7/10
Well, it was a nice enough song, a bit repetitive, a bit cheesy, but good all the same. It was a good choice for a flash music video. Also, it wasn't too long, which was good.

Overall: 9/10
A thoroughly enjoyable flash, but a tiny bit lacking in some areas. Kudos.