Reviews for "Roller Coaster Junkie"


Before I get started on this review I would like to take this time and say that this was a decent flash entry and you have done alot to bring the fun and entertaining value to the table, so props to you for that, as for the rest it was all a good flash and I really enjoyed what you have presented here, glad to see you putting the effort fourth here. This was amusing and with a cute song to go with it, love the fresh use of colors and what not it was a good cute flash so notbad at all And so we come to the end of the review, a decent flash works here, some nice and entertaining stuff to see, and while it was not perfect of even the best I have seen on this site, I must still say that I was pleasently pleased with the outcome and glad it had some humor to it, so on that astrospect of things it was a decent flash movie submission.

So some ideas for improvment are always a plus, just have to put the time and effort and remember the details is what can make it a great hit, so i hope with some of these tips that I have mentioned in the review and down below will help, and if not I had a good time checking this out. and hope to see some better improvments in the future. Well I would like o see the character do more random and funny stunts, maybe throw in some splashes of random color in there aswell.


da song is very catchy.....i watched this a long time ago and i still remember this.

hyper-catchy tune...captivating on every level. what a great team!

Awesome quality, but if it was for me I would make that annoying kid die in the end.
Good job :)

Hania (The person who made the music) made the music for this video, and this isn't real life it is a movie. Plus he created the ride and therefore the rules for the ride, and it's in a different dimension so forces might be different.