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Reviews for "From Player to Playa"

truly amazing!!

i whant you to get some coffee and start working on the full lenght movie! =P
when vlc paused wmp in the end i fudgin felt like i was struck by the 2-handed sword of radiant joy ( +4 charisma +10 fun) it was litteraly killing me sortaspeak =P

Very very good

That was awesome. The joke were computer related and great


What can I say? Perfect! 5/5! 10/10! But I do think this should be a T instead of an E because of the mild language.

You Can Do It VLC, I Believe I You

YES!!! Thank you so much, VLC deserves the respect. I've never found a music or video file that VLC can't open. The only thing that I wish it had that it doesn't have are a library/directory like iTunes or WMP. I wouldn't be suprised to eventually see that in one of the updates. I'm just waiting for that day so that I can fully abandon iTunes.

Quick Time's voice makes me laugh!