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Reviews for "From Player to Playa"


yet another great flash on NG.com! Well done. The sound was clear, and the plot was funny. I PC references were great with codecs and all. And for all of you who thought there wasn't enough "animation", this is clearly best made like this.

Holy Shit

This was awesome. Ad it was kinda personal to me. ^^

I am voting ten because it brings the average up. Its a nine, but that would bring the AS down.

You know your stuff

VLC Really is the best player, Ive been using it for like 2-3 years probably

i got...

i got that VLC too but some songs that i download wit limwire dont work wit VLC.... man no wonder limewire is in prison! lol


VLC media playa is so bitchin'. Great am=nimation keep up the good work