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Reviews for "From Player to Playa"

I wish

I wish this became a really movie. LOL I was really entertained by this. Funny, keep it up!

cool idea

cool idea man, loved it, it's funny, true and..... idk but there really is no file vlc can't play :D

what does it take to become an icon?

I like it the cone got his car
pimped out he got throne in
jail with lime wire the play button
tryed to kill him and the cone put
him on pause.
To bad you cant watch the movie
because the time it showed on the
preview is not a real time.
You can become an icon cone i believe in you.
to become an icon you have to be the one to save people,get you car pimped out,and become popular,that is how you become..... an icon.So turn up the volume and click play. :) :-) |:-)


Loved it! Great Animation, good voice acting, awesome!

You Can Do It VLC, I Believe I You

YES!!! Thank you so much, VLC deserves the respect. I've never found a music or video file that VLC can't open. The only thing that I wish it had that it doesn't have are a library/directory like iTunes or WMP. I wouldn't be suprised to eventually see that in one of the updates. I'm just waiting for that day so that I can fully abandon iTunes.