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Reviews for "From Player to Playa"

Nice work

These types of flash entries have always had an interesting mistique about them, now while these types are not always the greatest or flashiest they bring something to the table, You have made it interesting and didnt bore me all that much so there is some good in them. and besides you do have a good Concept here and has some Potential for even better outcomes. Well I must say you really took the whole "DESKTOP" flash to the next level and you added some awsome voices and some even better animationg and on top of that you added some nice voices and whatnot. I am glad to take this Opportunity you have an Enhanced creative mind that creates an Overall Momentum and brings ideas into this Industry aswell as making it worthwhile so keep doing what you do it was a pleasure.

but I like what you have done here, hope to see some more qaulity and improvments come along soon. so try a few ideas that I have suggested in this review and see where it takes you. Hmm I can see some sort of series comming from this, it is one of those flashes with flavor and would do very well in a series basis.


Windows XP?

excellent, :) 8 mile theme lol nice

If this was a real movie, I would definitly watch it.

Quite possibly the greatest depiction of the life of desktop icons ever depicted. Awesome work, this trailer actually makes me want to see this movie. 5/5, this can not be improved.
Please make more :|