Reviews for "Flash Empires 3"

lol exellent

i loved sandbox mode wish u gave us infinte cash :D lol a had so many uber towers it was super lagg a 100 kills took for ever and i spammed to many spear knights it also looked like kotor bombing of taris with the uber towers lol


THAT GAME WAS GOOD but there no boss but its a realy good game

Great Game

Great game! The guy that said it "Blows Ass" is probably an avid player on Club Penguin.

Keep it up.

better graphics this time

wow huge inprovment i give this a 10 because they work soo hard


Its an amazing game, I see no way it can be improved, but... I was restarting the campaign mode, and right after day 1, the game stopped, and all my money and kills SKYROCKETED. Please fix these, its really annoying, but other than that, the games great, maybe it needs more modes, but its still AWESOME in every way.