Reviews for "Flash Empires 3"


Some times days just skip, and sometimes it wont' skip but will say days survived: 8, an dyou are on level 2.

It's damn hard, and I'm good at these games! Does the main tower even shoot? It's impossible to tel lif it's worth it to upgrade. I paid for fire arrow one of my first upgrades and never seen it once. Would be nice to be able to see rate and damage of each tower.

nice game

this game is great sure things like it have been done before but not like this one. i dont know what fantasy world those other people live in but i dont see any other TD game with units that you can hire. plus game does have sound controls at the top

got uber towers then

set them in front of castle then upgrade my castle shooter to flame arrows and shot three at time them taped it down in the middleof the screen with the mouse taped down i didnt have to hold the click button so i left came back and had thousnads of kills


i HAVENT PLAYED THIS GAME YET but from what i know this is another fkin defense game and those are done a FUKLOAD of times so STOP submitting shit thats been done more times than the sluttiest girl in this fked up world


I look forward to the next one.....please by all means keep making defense games!!