Reviews for "Flash Empires 3"


Needs better graphics and more animations. The enemies just disappearing when they die is too ghetto.


This game has a lot going for it. It has solid graphics and a diverse line up of units, both mobile and stationary. It is decently open ended in terms of strategy (unlike most Defense games where a player is essentially tasked with finding the single best solution), as it offers a good balance of options granting the player the chance to find their own best strategy. The lacking break in between waves creates a frenetic ambiance that, in my opinion, adds to the effect of the game, making it more real time than turn based and with the convenient drag-and-drop control scheme, this is pulled off with some finesse.

Having said all of that, my largest complaint, through and through is there is no way (correct me if I'm wrong) to differentiate the score of a player from sandbox on easy to the story on hard. It discredits the value of even posting, which to me is a must for games of this genre.

For the next installment, what I would suggest is to improve the diversity, add some units, increase the size of the field - perhaps make a fort in the center of the map with enemies coming from all sides - and while its not all that important, I would say improve the song, as it is a bit repetitious.

Over all a good, solid game.

No Offense...

But this game's glitchy (in a bad way) and pretty annoying. 2 spearman got to my gate and randomly attacked at supersonic speed, killing me instantly. Plus, the balance of money increase/difficulty increase is way off. I'll get 20 more gold one wave than last wave (which is nothing), and the enemies will double their health and damage.
Not too bad... just not for me.

kinda sorta okay

Love the use of pac-man but i just could not get in to it that much


found a glitch 1st day beaten then it said "u have passed 4 days" then it said "u have passed 2 days" then the day thingy scwerd up