Reviews for "Flash Empires 3"


I didn't realise that you had upgraded it, when I wrote my review on the first version.
I think it's been a great transition, and your flash has greatly improved.
I loved this game, thanx man, gave me at leat an hour of entertainment...

P.S I want my hour back! :P

Great game

A fungame, very addictive. Base tower upgrades are good, although the split shot seems to be a little too strong for the current cost.

The only other bad point I can say is that there does not seem to be a need to buy the recruits not on the walls(soldiers/knights), they can die and cost more to replace while base tower upgrades archers/canoneers are much more long lasting. Towers set to the sides are also a somewhat greater investment, as they are out of the way but have a large area they can affect during the whole game.

Maybe a balancing of costs/power might improve the choices you have set-up.

But in the end, great game and I have played through all three difficulties, which means you kept me coming back!

got an idea

this game was great full of entertainment next time make it so that you can attack the enemy

good stuff

great game, but a glitch if you play hard

Great :)

Its an Awsome game man, real fun to play.