Reviews for "Flash Empires 3"


Flash Empires 3

Graphics - The graphics impress me and are certainly better than this game's predecessors. The soldiers and towers look good but the landscape doesn't really look as detailed and wonderful as I hoped that it would be. 8.5/10 Good.

Music and Sound - Music is very repetitive and boring so it is very good that you can mute it. The sound is also lacking and uninteresting. The sound of this game is described in one word, mediocre. 6/10 Fair. The game could use more exciting sound effects.

Gameplay - The game is a tower defense game with unique features. There are soldiers you can recruit, towers to defend your castle and you can fire some arrows from your tower. The game's objective isn't hard to understand, defend your castle. You can upgrade your units and towers to strengthen your force in hopes of surviving longer. Now the game is fun when playing but gets boring as you go on. The game is easy when you fully upgrade your Uber towers and the soldiers you buy aren't valuable at all. Not only that, there is no way to go back to the menu without dying and there is no darn way to lower the quality, which is important to avoid lag. The game gets very boring for me and could use more maps, units, towers and more variation in gameplay. I was expecting better gameplay with this new game compared to Flash Empires 2 but, gameplay hasn't been greatly improved. One thing I did find pleasing is the inclusion of a sand box mode. 7/10 Average. The gameplay is fun but gets boring later on. Could use more features and a greater range of gameplay choices.

Replay Value - This game gets boring early on so the replay value isn't great. Now at least there is a sandbox mode to have fun with. 6/10 Fair.

Final Word -

This game in one short sentence, has a good concept but needs more good things inside it. It's like a sack of gold that is not filled with enough gold, if you know what I mean.

Pros -

Better graphics than previous installments.
Good Concept
Sandbox/Custom Battle is present

Cons -

Lacking in sound
Lacking in features such as - maps, units etc.
Could use more variation in gameplay choices and gameplay.

Final Result - 27.5/40 = Approximately 7/10 The game is okay not great and could use more improvement.


Its an amazing game, I see no way it can be improved, but... I was restarting the campaign mode, and right after day 1, the game stopped, and all my money and kills SKYROCKETED. Please fix these, its really annoying, but other than that, the games great, maybe it needs more modes, but its still AWESOME in every way.


keep up the good work the only thing that cold be better was the graphics

great game and really fun

"his wall of pac-man upassable his towers undeafeted and why? BECAUSE HE WAS IN SANDBOX MODE!" hehhehehehe fun game and pretty cool i can really see your effort put in this cool game man!


great animation great towers and recruits and sand box mode..........ROCKS!
the best td game i have played evr


lol great and addicting