Reviews for "Flash Empires 3"

very boring

very boring. nothing much to do. graphics are decent.

to glitchy

i just didnt like it.....it was to glitchy

Less Than Decent

Gets way too repetitive and just isn't that fun. The 1st one is better.

Good game!

I liked the upgrades, and the sandbox mode was interesting. I think the triple shot made it far too easy though. Then, it seemed to get repetitive.


I like all the upgrades that were added, I haven't played the second one but this is far better then the first.Graphics are alot better then the first but the music is the same throughout the whole game which can get nerve racking and good job adding sfx this time.I also like the fact that you can upgrade your towers in this,but still lacking the ability to do much to your infantry. Make the option to recruit heroes with special abilities such as moral boost-make infantry stronger or gold digger-earn more gold per kill ect.,that ought to really turn the game around.

Other then that nice improvements.