Reviews for "Flash Empires 3"

Great, but...

it was too short! You had a lot of upgrades, specials, etc. that could never be utilizable. Could you just design an algorithm by which new waves are created so that it is endless? Otherwise, great game!

Great job

kept my attention for quite awhile. found a possible bug though. when going from the arcade mode into sandbox the day count on the bar at the top resets but not the banner that pops up at the end of each day


only 30 levels!!!!!!!!!
thats only a few hours

u need boss levels with inky binky pinky and clide

Nice concept

Good graphics. I also liked the way towers upgrade. But with no new enemies, same scheme over and over again the game gets REALLY boring after a while... And the music drives you crazy...

not so bad

could be a little better but not so bad