Reviews for "Obama's Inauguration"


Since when is Obama asian?

I almost fell asleep...

Damn those freaking graphics, this freaking woman, the freaking story and this FREAKING OBAMA (not the real one :-D)

that was boring...
and it's not really funny though...
:'-( sorry...

I can't stop laughing!!

I gotta say, the voice of Obama was well played and the animation/time made a perfect political short. I can't conjure a negative point...I've added this to my favorites and I will be showing this to my friends and even my parents. This is my first peek at your work and I'm already curious of what else you have. Keep it up Jon!

haha awesome

dis shit is funny


Kind of wish it did haoppen, that would have been hilarious.

Just, just look at that hat, it's got diamonds on it!