Reviews for "JJJ in How to Make Coffee"


dude you got some harsh skoring going here, nice flash

btw make the jugs a tad less droopy plz XDD


making coffee FTW!


whats with the lips randomly appearing on the top left?????


im not sure wat to give it..
i love spontainious things so 10/10
the voice was quiet and the music was loud and the animation was rubbish 0/10
so i give it 5/10

Shae-ko responds:

Thanks... I think...

I fixed the music thing like right after I posted it, i just haven't updated yet..sry...

And I must agree with the animation thing...I need to start working in a higher framerate and spend and not get so lazy... I'm still learning...<.< ... >.> :)

*sweatdrop* kay...

ok.... hyper........