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Reviews for "Heptagon n' Decagon"

I don't know why I like these...

but I do. This was funny. I always love an uncomfortable gay spin on these, and I'll probably go to hell for it. Well done.
Oh, and way to kill the shit out of the Schindler's List theme lol.
Now everytime I see Schindler's List, I'll think of gay shapes.


but kinda fuckin wierd dude


You may have been late, but this was a great flash, especially how they talked about gaining more sides. Nice references as well, as a lot of people I bet don't even know what heptagons and decagons are!

O.o.....WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THIS A GAY VIEDIO (even thoug im not gay i still like it)

How can something so simple be so hilarious.