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Reviews for "Heptagon n' Decagon"

That was disturbing, yet good.

The voice acting was awesome. The story was good and funny. I definitely started laughing when he was like "oh fine..." and jumps on him. The sex part had such good voice acting. I just heard, "relax relax!" "I don't wanna do this... I love you"

Superb voice acting. Animation, okay since it was a parody.


Pretty good for a late entry.

What can i say...

I faken lol'd ^_^

still good!

I cant get enough of these!! You may have missed the train, but its still frikkin hilarious.. the best part.. (shhhhh, its ok, its ok) LMAO Needed something at the end there but whatever, 8/10 4/5 WOOT shapes on a line.. is there a collection for these yet.. there should be!


Made me smirk.