Reviews for "DBZ stuff.."


good drawings but not very funny

was it suppose to be funny?

the drawings were good and fluent but i really didn't find this funny. I know there were parts that were suppose to be humorous but didn't caught my eye either. At first i thought it was to be serious until you gotten to the 9000 joke and kinda blew it. sorry if i may sound so harsh but that's what i think. But the draw were excellent that's why I'm giving you a 3

Gonzossm responds:

this animation sucks. THIS IS OLD! back when the meme was fun


I'm dissapointed. You should have just kept that file on your computor, this flash wasn't funny at all.

oh shit

hahaha that was funny.

:D i like it

:3 lol a man gone mad with power

and that has nothing to do with is flash