Reviews for "T.V. Sex Pals P.S.A. #1"

random gross

but fun, ahh....

Execution of timing showing experience

The last 3 jokes were the peak of this flash, so this flash gets a good mark for peaking towards the end, the best time to peak, when I like it.

I must tell you that this is quite the surreal watch after playing fallout 3, because it is as if you are giving some necrophile instructions for Fallout 3.

I am going to search for dead bodies to hump after watching this flash, I really don't know why.

6/10 3/5.


Some of the drawings were funny as hell to look at, but I must say, this whole P.S.A. was a bit on the... I dunno... whack side. A bit more comedy would have turned this into a masterpiece. Say, the act of running over your own soon-to-be corpse. Add Ewen Bremner's scream from Around the World in 80 Days, and you'll be set.


I got to admit, it was funny in parts! But I think your use of graphic pictures and the overall theme of necrophillia serves no other purpose than to shock the viewer. Now shocking can be good but when it's done in an interesting and intellectual way and this was just not. ~However, minus the pictures of guts, dead animals and the general theme of dead body sex, I believe you to be a good artist and wish you luck!

meh it was okay

some jokes were really good , good job