Reviews for "T.V. Sex Pals P.S.A. #1"


I thought you were supposed to use something like a swizzel stick or coffee stirrer to insert into the male corpse's urethra in order to get it at least straighted. Never thought about just using a dildo...

I mean, uh, GREAT FLASH! YEAH! AWESOME! (*cough*)

DropTrou responds:


Oh, oh god. *BLEECHHH*

Meh, 8 for being well done. But oh my god, how foul. Oh well, to each their own. But kids, please, if you fuck dead bodies, don't go back to fucking live ones. No one wants whatever you get to spread :P

wut happen to your old animation style?

random gross

but fun, ahh....


wtf frigging nasty but surprisingly funny. 'lube her up or else if feels like ur fucking sandpaper' - um how do you know how it feels? XD