Reviews for "T.V. Sex Pals P.S.A. #1"


i have not seen some thing that funny for a long time!good work!

hahahahaha too funny.

*if you doing it to a female,you might as well be fucking sand paper*

I remember having a really weird conversation about this once, and we covered everything said here!
classic "weird" topic!

Next topic idea

Hey try Morning Wood/Morning Glory for your next topic!

Ya got frontpage cuz this is funny as hell. XD

I won't say anythin else of the content cuz I already said all that can be. XD
BTW the graphics are great and the animations are smooth. I didn like tha jesus pic being at the end but I won't blame ya for it, this is still funny.
Well great flash and hope to see more of these so keep it up. :D

lmfao.excelent =)

kinda disgusting.bt awsum