Reviews for "T.V. Sex Pals P.S.A. #1"

holy crap?

I voted 5 on this and it when from a 3.20 to a 3.35 thats kewl. but neways

Fuckin glad to see these are comign back :D fuckin classic animation right hur. very original.

That was so fucked up!

but that was amazing in its own dead...sex freak...yea.
good flash!!

Love the new look

Funny as fuck and I love the new look of the sex pals, will you be doing the rest of the series with this new look?

DropTrou responds:



that was hilarious!!! espessially the zombies!!!


It was overall funny. i just wanted to write this review because i think i saw a picture of the t.v sex pals with the god from bruce almighty. i was just wondering cause thats what it looked like. GOOD JOB MAN THAT WAS SO FREAKING FUNNY

DropTrou responds:

Yes, you saw correctly. FORESHADOWING