Reviews for "T.V. Sex Pals P.S.A. #1"

Waiting impatiently for next toon

This was great. Necrophilia is a big problem among young kids these days... we have to educate them on the pros and cons of fucking dead bodies. ^_^

hmm. maybe make Zombie proof condoms??

Great animation.
5 and 10!

Lmao good for teens coming puberty xD

But finding Jesus body well good luck xD!!


"oh hell yeah its the ultimate std".
Love these flashes, keep up the good work.

Zombie STDs

thems burn through pussy ass laytex


Wow, what an improvement in the seires. The characters got tremendous make overs with small details like Sticky being Transparent, Lubey having a hole in his "mouth" and not to mentio 100x offensive then the previous installments. Classic stuff.

PLEASE get episode 6 out ASAP we need you back here.

Also an episode idea: Furries and Bondage sex!