Reviews for "Closure"

Holy fuck, that was hard!

Great graphics, Innovative game play, and mysteriously pulling plot line!
The artwork in the game was very unique and fitting considering the tone of the game. I've never seen any kind of game play such as this. Very Clever, Very Addicting. The difficulty level was just right. Easy enough to learn, just challenging enough to test the player's skill, developed over the course of the game. The lure of the game, which kept me playing till the end, was trying to discover wheat exactly was going on and what the conclusion would be.

My only gripes would be that I feel like there was too much of a gap between levels where there was dialogue or part of the plot line. Also, I believe that some icing to this cake would be adding more eerie happenings ( i believe there was only a handful). I think that this would strengthen the already great atmosphere of the game.

Always nice to see a playable unique game.

P.S. Nice job on the subtle, Cake is Lie reference.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

hehehe i forgot about that reference

Very Original.

I've never seen such a puzzle game that uses any concept like this. It's something you can get used to quickly and then get puzzled on how to finish a level. I like this a lot.


beautiful game...I love this type!!!

This is


One of the greatest puzzle platformers on the web of all time. Very unique gameplay and thought provoking puzzles.

Can't recommend this highly enough.