Reviews for "Closure"

Creepy and very smart.

this game has a creepy atmosphere and is very smartly thought of.

Music is perfect and complements the game perfectly.

Great Title!

This is one of the most original and challenging puzzle games i have ever played. It is like a maze that has no exit, so you have to cheat the maze by turning the lights off and using the portions of the maze that are lighted to get through. I wish I was good enough to finish the game, but I am still pretty awestruck. The creepy factor was perfect for a black and white game, especially with wierd messages on the wall that go along with the music. This is definately something that I will have to come back and attempt to beat some time in the near future. 5/5 10/10. BTW: Name fits perfectly, too!


I was really baked and i decided to play this game and it was soooo creepy....but challenging!

Ok, wtf.

Level 14 is quite literally impossible. The only way to reach the upper level is via the "light elevator" triggered by having all 4 lit. Trouble is, you need 2 in the one corner, and the only extra is in the lower corner. It's impossible to use the elevator while holding one, so wtf!? It's fucking impossible.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

Its a puzzle


you really have to understand the concept to win