Reviews for "Closure"


most creative game I've ever seen
props my friends, props 10/10 5/5

A Work of Art

That is amazing. You put a lot of thought into this and it is obvious. While it isn't everyone's expectation (necessarily) for the toppest-notch flash art, it certainly is nothing but excellent. I've seen very few submissions come through here that are of this caliber. I think you know all that is amazing about this flash. Otherwise I'd tell you.

Great on all accounts. I hope to see more from both of you in the future.



A really great game. The atmosphere is extremely twisted. The game play is simple, and yet the puzzles are challenging. A very cool game.

LOVE the game play

this is what happened to the guy from the game "shift". he died and went to a way more badass game. i favorited the page, and am now determined to get that little squiggle guy some closure.

Fun and new

I LOVE this game!! Great job and keep up the good work.