Reviews for "Closure"

Good story

I like it how the player doesn't realize the story until they see the level at the very end, and right after the credits go into the door. Then everything you just did makes crystal clear sense. Those are the kind of twists I like.


seriously super orginal... way to go man


finally finished after several weeks...
mostly because i couldn't play through more than one or two levels without starting to cry from depression :P
This game has such a brilliant and unique concept and the most immersive environment i've seen in a flash game.
But there's something evil lurking in the depths of this game that eats away at your soul and nibbles endlessly at your sense of well being until you can do no more than collapse in a pool of your own sweat, tears and blood and wallow in an eternal pit of self misery.
But who of us can claim we are not gluttons for punishment.


I can't believe I haven't played this before. Really interesting game!

Solid Gameplay, Challenging levels, Eerie Atmosphere and music this game is a must play for any indie game lover out there. Also the game is definetly worth the money on Steam.

Amazing work to the team and I await to see what you prodyuce next!