Reviews for "Closure"


i thought original mind was lost among the masses

apparently not

i played a few levels and was quickly hooked

im taking a break but be assured i will return

this was phenomenal

now if i could just only dl this to my xbox id be happy!


Great game, the only real problem I had with it is that the levels' difficulty didn't seem to increase at a steady rate (e.g. there would be an occasional difficult level, followed by several much easier levels).

Excellent concept

Purgatory indeed.


The concept itself is a stroke of pure genius, and the gameplay was fantastic as a result. Deviously challenging, and very addicting - with just a touch of fear to keep you interested.

Looks beautiful as well, and fantastic job to you. "All my 5R belong to this."

Still awesome!!

I played this game a while back, when it first came out and stuff. When you guys had that teaser, I went back to play it again. Still awesome. keep up the good work.

P.S. Did anyone get the full story? Before the crash?