Reviews for "Closure"

It's called Closure

but there IS NO CLOSURE!!

It's a brilliantly programmed game that I have never seen anything similar of and it's great, etc., etc.

BUT after playing WHO KNOWS how many levels (at least 25 or something), I got SO TIRED of the game. I got to the level where it says "get me out of here" on the wall and I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!! I kept playing the game since I thought I was so far and close to the end, but it JUST WOULD NOT END

I wanted to finish so badly, but I gave up on that level...

This isn't really a negative, since a lot of levels are good. But I think you went overboard with levels....give an opportunity of CLOSURE to the game....have like 20 main story levels and the rest as bonus....so maybe some people can finish it...

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

there's 30 levels you were pretty close to the end

One of the better games on NG...

But I've been stumped on level 10 for hours. Here's some of what I've tried with the same result of falling into the black:
Putting the Black light in different places.
Chasing the light after quickly switching them in that post-thing.
Using the black light in the pillar (which was a really stupid mistake)
What the hell am I missing?

I had a ridiculously hard time with this

I eventually beat it. It stole time away from grinding WoW. But that was beautifully done. The ingenuity put into the puzzles is amazing. A lot of things go on at once (or maybe I just complicated the game for myself). Nevertheless it was nice. And all that from a car crashing into a tree.

Great game, (Help me please)

Hey, i enjoyed this game for the most part somtimes it was annoying if you dident get the timing right but it seems like you stayed away from that pretty well, i had a few issues of falling off the screen where there was light. My problem is that I am currently stuck on level 25... I really need some help! i was looking for a walkthrough and found shit all, if you would leave me a comment or PM me i would apreciate it!

P.S. Great game, unique and overall well designed and fun... keep it up.

That was incredible.

I really don't know what else to say.