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Reviews for "Closure"

I KNEW when I saw it in the PSN shop that I saw it SOMEWHERE on Newgrounds. I thought it was a great game then, and I think it's still a great game now. Congratulations on your success. I wish nothing but the best for you.

My eyes hurt a bit,but I liked it!Was too freaking hard

Ahh... I remember this. Good ol' nostalgia.

Most original game I have ever played in my life. For a while I've been trying to discuss to my colleagues that games today aren't original enough and are trying to compete with the big boys (cod, mass effect, halo, etc) and should go back to were it all begun; small arcade games. This is phenomenal and I simply cannot wait for more! I especially love the artistic style from Starogre and the game mechanics are slick and gripping. Congratulations on a magnificent game and I hope it goes far.

Weird as hell, but so cool. Definitely play this.