Reviews for "Closure"

Weird, I can't seem to figure out how to mute this thing. Does the bigger/better version include a mute button? Those are pretty essential.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:


Challenging, yes. Somthing i'd play for more than 10 minutes, no. too monotonous and confusing

I just bought the new Closure. I was so excited about a year ago when I heard about the new one, but this one remains a newgrounds classic to me. I have never seen another platformer quite like it.

Oh yeah.....I remember this one. Lot's of great fun. So stylish and moody. Way better than most games that take more mb than this. Only 4 1/2 though because after a bit it can hurt my eyes and it would be nice to have some different sound tracks (I know you say the new version does, I will really consider buying it). At times it does get really difficult - but then again I guess that was the point!

this game is really great had a fun time playing with this creation