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Reviews for "Closure"

Solid Gameplay, Challenging levels, Eerie Atmosphere and music this game is a must play for any indie game lover out there. Also the game is definetly worth the money on Steam.

Amazing work to the team and I await to see what you prodyuce next!

Excellent game you got here.
Obviously, the art style and the plot mix together very nicely. I don't even see how people can compare this to games like Limbo. Might as well argue every colored game is derivative of each other.
It's just challenging enough to engage, while not being too frustrating. Was a bit stumped for a few minutes at around level 23 or 24. But figuring these things out feels really rewarding.
I admit, I wish the platforming was a bit more forgiving (jumps not registering when falling an inch on an incline).
As for the music, I never felt it got in the way. In fact it actually added to the overall eerie atmosphere of the game.
On the other hand, the ending could've needed a bit more closure. Pun wholly intended. :)

It's a very nice game, great design, and the lighting is amazing.
Does anyone have any tips for level 10? I'm ashamed to say it's trumped me on that level.

Contrary to what other people are saying, while the music was on a loop, i like it. It fills out the eerie feeling that this puzzle platformer should be. Good mechanics, mind bending puzzle and atmosphere. I'll be buying closure on steam next week, glad to see that i'm not gonna be disappointed with the purchase and if this was a prototype, that tells me the full game is gonna be even better. Well done!

Good game with a new style! Reminds me of game called Shift... Yea, I agree with mb3, the sound is annoying. Btw, how to pass lvl 12 with the lamp circle and light circle? The one with stairs