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Reviews for "Closure"

Love this game, i also really like the Lore, about a Woman who is in a coma due to a car accident, and we're trying to wake up, great game


So my first play thru of this its very nice the black and white is impressive, the sounds are dark and scary the controls are nice its a game that makes me want to play it all the way thru and the "MEDALS" are a nice touch. A very unique concept here and thats what really makes this fun and interesting. I was glad to have seen and even review this piece as it was highly entertaining and you gave it much effort, Even with the right Attitude and thats what you need to amke something nifty like this, so props to you on that, I wouldnt mind seeing more into this and even more effort but for the most of this it was pretty good stuff. Sohope this helps good luck I really liked the flash.

I know you have this as black and white but some tid bits of color would be pretty nifty if you ask me


This game is great the only problems I had were with lag.

Such a classic. A great puzzle game with a unique concept. My only complains are the lag and some minor issues I had with the door in some levels (which I solved by setting the quality to high). Awesome game.

The mechanics are unique, the game is amazing. This might be my favorite game on Newgrounds. There is no aspect of this game I don't like, and no advice I would offer to change it.