Reviews for "zZKirbyZz Dance"

not bad

well from reading the other reviews this is ur first (not bad it ran smooth and kirby is da bomb) so i'll give u the A for effort

RareKirbyStarBall2 responds:

thanx :D


This is good. It reminds me of my first flash, but way better and was posted on Newgrounds. The sound quality is great and the animation is smooth.

You'll get better over time.

RareKirbyStarBall2 responds:

thanx im also on youtube.

Nice Try!

This is a nice basic movie. its interesting, and i really liked the song. Im guessing this is one of your first- or you are new. Its nice, even if your not new. gongratulations!

Actually somewhat nice.

It's better than my first, i guess.
But you need a +0.13 if you don't want this to get blammed.
By the way, please don't call it My Fist Newgrounds Video. Or say it's in any way your first video. It somehow get's a better score. 3/5 6/10.

RareKirbyStarBall2 responds:

changed it. flash is hard O.o btw i make better videos on youtube

any tips

how do u make vids any tips