Reviews for "YHTDUKB"


It was in a game exhibition were you culd see old games to new and there I saw that game "you have to burn the rope" :q lol nice game but i give it a 8/10 cus it was a little boring and it was nearly like that old game but the ending was fun


I got a kick out of this even though it's the same game essentially. But that's probably the point.


Good it was funny.

LOL you're funny

I am a fan of you and this is my favorite game by you [so far].The graphics are good,beautiful music, and is a very short game like YHTBTR.A very good tribute to YHTBTR.

Good parody!

This was a very good parody of You Have To Burn The Rope.the level design was exactly the same as in YHTBTR.the music was good,and the graphics were good.although some of the hit tests were a little bad.other than that,it was a good parody.